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Have a look at some of the great and the good
- and downright bad - that you are likely
to hear about on
the Nottingham Ghost Walk.

Capt. Jack VincentCapt. Jack Vincent (aka Slippery Jack)
Beeston born Jack Vincent started life as a boat builder in Nottingham, before becoming a successful and infamous pirate captain. Jack and his ship, the Avenger, were cursed by the Devil. The Cursed Galleon that stands in Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is said to have been made from the wreckage of the Avenger.

King John I (1166 - 1216)
Most famous for Magna Carta and brother of Richard the Lionheart, King John’s history is filled with evil deeds and bad choices. In relation to the Nottingham Ghost Walk, John was responsible for the execution by slow-hanging, from the castle walls, of 28 Welsh princes; boys aged between 7 and 14 years old, during the August of 1212.

Catherine Howard (nee Carey)
The Countess of Nottingham (1547 - 1603)

Catherine was a close friend of Elizabeth and ‘First Lady of the Bedchamber’ - a position of great status and trust. Elizabethan legend has it that Catherine was instrumental in the death of Robert Devereux, the Earl of Essex and one of Elizabeth’s ‘favourites’. Catherine’s grieving ghost is said to be the ‘Lady in the Light’, who roams the castle’s Long Gallery.

Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March (1287 - 1330)
Mortimer was a powerful Marcher Lord, who led a failed rebellion against Edward II. Later joining with Edward’s wife, the Queen Consort, Isabella, Roger returned to England, deposed Edward and later assassinated him. Roger was overthrown 3 years later by Edward II’s son, Edward III and summarily executed.

Queen Isabella (1295 - 1358)
Wife of Edward II; daughter of the King of France, also known as the ‘She Wolf of France’. Isabella joined with her lover, Roger Mortimer, to overthrow her husband and was instrumental in his assassination at Roger’s hand. Her disembodied voice haunts Mortimer’s Hole to this day.

Kitty Hudson (1765 - unknown, mid 19thC)
Kitty was a young girl from Arnold, who developed the strange habit of collecting pins in her mouth at an early age. This habit flowered into one of the most interesting, if chilling cases of self-harm ever recorded. Her spirit now roams the halls of the old General Hospital, spreading an inexplicable feeling of ‘pins and needles’, wherever she roams.

Charles James Watkin Williams (1828 – 1884)
A well-respected Welsh judge, legal expert and Liberal MP, Charles James Watkin Williams died of a suspected heart attack whilst ‘in flagranti’ with local lady of easy virtue, Nellie Blanky. The Rt Hon Watkins Williams now seems doomed to be reliving the circumstances that led to his death forevermore.

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