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The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk wouldn't be what it is without our team of dedicated and slightly derranged guides! For your delectation and temptation, we've put together this page all about our guides.

Simon Unsworth

Simon is the co-owner of the Ghost Walk and its longest serving guide. Simon has been a keen storyteller for many years and teaches in schools during the day. He is also a very accomplished guitarist - and sometimes even sings!

Gary Breinholt

Gary is the other co-owner of the walk and has been a guide on it for many years. During the day, he trains people in the black arts of broadband installation. In his spare time Gary lives and breathes storytelling.

 Tony 'Mole' Maul

After slipping into retirement some years ago, Tony joined the Ghost Walk. He has been a regular face at 'the Trip' and fully intends to haunt it for the rest of his life and beyond! Tony also has a unique collection of antique and rare thermometers - nobody knows why ...

Bryan Hall

A long time friend and work colleague of Simon, Bryan joined the walk with Tony in 2016. Bryan also teaches during the day, but his true passion is guns. He is still diligently searching for a story of a ghost that got shot, just so he can 'tool up' for the walk!

The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk
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