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The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk is a storytelling tour around the Castle Quarter of the city. It is easy walking, about 1/2 mile long and takes approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours. The walk starts from Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, every Saturday at 7pm. Enjoy a drink or arrive early for a pre-walk meal. We then gather together to hear about the Cursed Galleon of Ye Olde Trip and Nottingham's only pirate. The walk then sets off up Castle Road, skirting the bottom of Nottingham Castle's ramparts and walls.

Along the way, you may hear tales of Queen Isabella's screams, echoing the grisly deaths of both her husband, Edward II and her lover, Roger Mortimer. You may also hear about 28 Welsh princes left to hang and their bodies to rot from the castle walls; the mysterious 'Lady in the Light' or a police dog who had a strange encounter in the castle's galleries.

Your guide may decide to take you up to the former General Hospital, where you will be treated to the disturbing tale of the Human Pin Cushion.

Heading down Castle Gate, there are the tales of the Baby in the Wall and the antics of Marshal Tallard; a French war hostage and socialite.

Crossing Maid Marian Way, you arrive at the graveyard of St Nicholas' Church, one of the city's three original Medieval Churches. Here you will learn about a plague pit and an unknown nobleman buried alive, also a long lost swamp in the old Broad Marsh, which was the final resting place for a corpulent landlady.

Finally, to Ye Olde Salutation for a swift drink break, then descend into the ancient haunted caves below, to hear stories of a Haunting Highwayman; a little girl, who llived and died in the Salutation, and still remains there, to this day; and ... the Best Way to Die?

The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk
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